Electronic Dance Music



Ever since I began following EDM, I fell in love with Trance music almost instantly. Although there are various other subgenres of electronic music(such as House, Electronica & Dub-step) that grace the EDM scene, there is an exclusive quality about Trance that’s able to lift the soul. Incorporating a steadily knocking tempo of about 125-150BPM, Trance tracks normally begin with a consistent bassline that is followed by a progressive melody, which is then beautifully intertwined into the bassline with various harmonic rifts. What results is a piece that is so emotionally moving that one can’t help but stop and think about the progress of his/her life while listening. As a matter of fact, Trance is so powerfully uplifting that Daniel Kandi, one of the world’s most prominent Trance producers and DJ’s, remixes several of his own productions and label them, “Emotional Mix.”

When I listen to Daniel Kandi’s tracks and close my eyes, I can almost envision myself flying through the multiple atmospheric layer’s of earth’s outer crust. Not convinced? Take a listen to the progressive Trance track posted above entitled “Let Go” by Daniel Kandi & Daniel Neumann, two of the most revered Trance producers to date. And by that, I mean really take a listen, from beginning to end. Once you do, you’ll probably understand the sappy gibberish I’ve written above.

Satisfied? I’m sure if you weren’t familiar of the Trance genre you are now. Because from what I can understand, it heightens the senses, awareness, consciousness and elevates our states of mind onto a level that can only be achieved through meditative practices or through the teachings of Siddhartha himself. Trance isn’t just music, it is a way of life.

As I’ve been following the scene for quite a while now, I’ve witnessed that Trance music hasn’t been getting the attention it deserves. That is, in comparison to other EDM genres. Although its popularity is exponentially increasing, House music and its Electronica variants still rule the EDM scene. To any readers who are following the mainstream trend that is House music, take the time to get past the initially repetitive bassline of Trance and you won’t be disappointed.It’ll make you want to jump off a cliff and soar. Just make sure not to do it literally.

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